New Construction

For over 15 years Sumerset has been dedicated building exceptional boats for our customers. By continuously raising our standards to a new level, we have redefined the goals and set the bar in our industry. This is one area that sets us apart from our competitors. Combine new technology along with proven engineering enables us to build a superior houseboat each and every time. Our longevity in this business is a result of a genuine understand of our clients’ desires and their needs. Using our extraordinary team of talented professionals and our engineers providing you with unparalleled level of service.

New Construction

There are 3 phases of New construction

Pre-construction Phase 1:

  • Working with sales, engineering, and our on staff Interior specialist.
  • Setting budget parameters based on initial starting plan and standards
  • Final detailed pricing provided prior to construction after all choices have been made
  • First initial slot fee

Construction Phase 2:

  • Weekly photo updates on line
  • Prompt communication regarding changes, schedules, or pricing
  • Communication regarding progress and payment during the various stages of building.

Post Construction and Delivery Phase 3:

  • Final payment of a beautiful finished houseboat.
  • Delivery to the designated Lake and marina that your houseboat will go.
  • Detailed warranty and maintenance manual outlining your houseboat procedures and maintenance.
  • One on one training regarding use and operational procedures
  • An unparalleled warranty and customer service program.

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