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The real beauty of a Sumerset lies in the design and finishing touches.  We have a wide array of design selections in our Design Room, and you will work every step of the way with the sales team and a décor specialist. 

There are many floor plans to start with, with hundreds of options to choose from or you can allow our sales and engineering specialists help you bring your dreams to a reality.   Nothing is just like a Sumerset. 

At Sumerset Houseboats, we offer complete customization, professional blueprints and unlimited design options.  Our design Team, along with your Sales specialist, follow your Sumerset every step of the way providing an extra level of attention to detail not found anywhere else in the industry.  Plus, you can follow the progress of your boat with production photos posted weekly on our website.  Combine our detail-oriented, customer friendly, design and construction process with our commitment to customer satisfaction and you will see why Nothing is just like a Sumerset. 

The options are nearly endless when it comes to customizing and planning your dream Houseboat. Visit our gallery and view what Sumerset can build for you. We have a wide selection of plans to start from, but this is only a starting point. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Welcome to Sumerset Houseboats

Thoroughbred Houseboats is proud to announce the acquisition of Sumerset Houseboats. The name Sumerset has been synonymous with quality for many years. Thoroughbred Houseboats is excited to carry on the legacy of this great brand and plans to incorporate many of the same famous features seen on many Sumerset... Read More

Why You Should Choose Sumerset

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate on the weekends or vacations on a comfortable luxurious home on the water Sumerset offers the highest quality, safety and value in the industry.  We manufacture houseboats, but more importantly we build relationships. Read More

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